Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bed Head Quick Fix

In trying to decide what my first post was going to be, I thought of any recent questions I've gotten lately, or maybe even my first "must have" list. But when I woke up as late as I did this morning, I realized I needed to let everyone in on one of my favorite products I've been using lately. Since I have been in the working world for a grand total of about three months, I am still getting used to this whole idea of getting up early. Not only is the getting up part hard for me, but the getting ready with hair done and makeup is slowly killing me. In college, it was throwing on whatever was on the floor, and putting on a hat and you were ready for class! So in order for this transition to go a little more smoothly, I have discovered a new hair secret. 

For those of you who are lucky enough to not have to wash your hair everyday, I envy you! But for those of you who are like me, and washing your hair daily is a must, then you might enjoy this new product. 

This product is by Oscar Blandi and is a "dry shampoo" 

All you do is spray a decent amount into your roots, wait a minute, turn your head upside down, and shake out the excess. This isn't something to replace your normal wash and blow dry routine, but this is a fabulous way to not look like you rolled out of bed, even if you did! The plus side to this is it actually gives you a decent amount of body as well. It can be found at Sephora for $21, or in a travel size for $11. 


rebecca rawson said...

i want this to work for me. i think i need a few more inches.

you should see how i go to school sometimes. the hair is a serious hot mess in the mornings.

DMarie said...

You rock Em..loving the blog! And, I am going to Sephora TODAY to try as I feel this will be my new addiction as I am in the must wash daily category like you! Love you and can't wait for you to do my makeup for family photo shoot..Ill keep you posted on the date-first of January now!