Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dry Skin Staples

For the last couple of months, lotion seems to be the gift of choice to both give and receive. (All starting with Lindsey's birthday) As I've gotten older, at the ripe old age of 23, my skin seems to be getting continually more dry. So of course I have my lotion staples that I have come to love. I am finally in the habit of putting lotion on nightly before I go to bed, which I recommend everyone to do, esp on your elbows, hands and knees. But I'm actually quite picky when it comes to lotion b/c I HATE feeling greasy. I know people who lather up with lavender baby oil every night, and I say more power to them, but for me, I'd be afraid I would slide right out of bed. I think this is why I have never been great about sunscreen (except on my face which i DO wear everyday) Skin care will be a whole different blog, so I won't get into it now :)

Okay, right now, I have 3 favorite lotions for 3 different times. One for night, one for in the morning before getting dressed, and the other for when your skin is killing you because it is so dry, or you spent the day in the sun. One thing that they all have in common, is that they all smell FABULOUS!!! that is a huge factor when it comes to lotion. I think most lotion lovers would agree with me there. Okay, now here are my top 3 (not in order)

Kiehl's Gardenia Hand & Body Lotion. I can't find it online, but it's a Neiman Marcus exclusive. You can ask anyone I lived with, but this lotion is amaaazing. Katie would always sneak in my room and use it because it is just that great. This is the lotion I use in the mornings. It is so light, and is easily absorbed so you can get dressed right after putting it on. This is not to say that it isn't moisturizing, because it definately is, but it is just that fabulous to be such a multi-tasker. I even use this lotion as my perfume because the smell stays with you for most of the day. For a big bottle of it, I think it runs about $30ish which is a tad on the expensive side, but once you use it, you will be hooked. That's a promise.

Korres Body Butter in Guava. This lotion is my miracle worker when it comes to dry skin. If my skin is extra parched, this is who I turn to. Lauren and I discovered this lotion a couple of years ago, and we both keep going back to it. It is a staple during our beach trips, and I think it even smells a little tropical. If your skin is so dry that you think nothing would work, then you clearly haven't tried this. For me personally, it's a little too heavy for daytime, but for nighttime, it's dreamy :)

The 3rd lotion I received for my last birthday by Lindsey. I used hers one time and she knew just how much I loved it, and thought I needed my own, and how right she was! It's from Sephora, and it's Sephora Brand Super Supreme Body Butter in beurre fondant. It's smell delightful and is the best of both worlds. It's super rich, but it suprisingly absorbs rather quickly. The scent is very light, which is nice and everyone who has tried it has fallen in love with it. So thank you Linds!

I know it sounds like I have a love affair with lotion (I promise you I don't) but take my word for it, and if you try any or all, they will become a Dry Skin Staple for you.

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