Monday, December 14, 2009

Color Care

Unless you were blessed with fabulous, beautiful colored hair, I'm guessing your hair color is not 100% natural. Whether your color is from a box, or you drop some major cash with your hair stylist/life coach Phillipe, there are certain products you can use to make your color last longer and stay brighter. Like I've told you before, I have colored my hair since I was 14, so I have absolutely NO idea what my natural hair color is... and I'm saying that it's still blonde (just a very dark shade of blonde) :) but I have tried SEVERAL products out there, and here are a few of my favorites.

First of all, starting with a good shampoo/conditioner...

Lately, I've been using Pureology shampoo and conditioner. This entire line is meant for colored hair and have a few different types, whether you want a volumizing or some serious hydration. Since I tend to have fine/flat hair, I like to use volumizing products, but most volumizing shampoos aren't meant for colored hair (this is why I love this line)
From the grocery store, I really like L'Oreal's EverPure line... It's not expensive and I think it also works really well.

For the majority of shampoos and conditioners, always read to find if it says "safe for colored-treated hair" if it doesn't, it might not be the best choice.

One product that I have used since I was a freshman @ Baylor, is Bumble and Bumble's color support conditioner. I use it about 2-3 times a week and I can tell a difference when I don't use it. I use the one for 'cool blondes'
The last product I want to tell you about has become an every day necesssity for me. I put it on right before I blow-dry my hair and it makes blow-drying a breeze! and it smells really good which is a plus in my book. It's from Kerastase and it's their Chroma Thermique.
Long live your color!! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Recent Sephora trip

Last Friday I took the afternoon off and ran some errands with Grandma. She needed to go to Sephora to get some new lotion and I am ALWAYS willing to make a Sephora run with her. While I can spend hours upon hours in that place, I know most can't. I ended up coming away with 2 things that I'm growing quite fond of.

First, I have always been a big Bliss fan, and have used their fabulous foaming face wash before and loved it. They also used to make a body wash called Mammoth Minty Body Wash" or something like that, and I almost cried when they discontinued it. I'm not kidding. It was the only body wash I used for like 4 years. Well anyways, they just came out with a new body wash, and it's the best of both worlds! It's Fabulous Foaming BODY Wash. It smells like my old face wash, and has some exfoliate beads in there as well. AND it's only $18 for a huge bottle. They have more scents, but this one was my favorite.

The other thing I got was a new lip pencil. It's NARS and it's their Velvet Matte Lip Pencil and I got in it "Roman Holiday" which is very pink, but I'm definitely digging it for my "transition" color from Summer to Fall. (the picture is clearly not the color I got)
So all in all, it was a success of a trip. Thanks grams!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Oct = PINK

well not only do I love October b/c of the cooler weather and that the holiday season is just around the corner, but also b/c everything I love and use comes out with a pink version this month! Yes, it's breast cancer awareness month and this year it seems to hit home more than ever. My grandma survived her (by the grace of God) small battle earlier this year. But I also lost my dear friend Sara not even two weeks ago. (the story is amazing and inspiring and if you have the time, please read their blog So I think it is amazing that we have a month dedicated to bringing awareness to something that affects so many women in our lives.
So my favorite BCA product thus far is from Bobbi Brown. It's a creamy lip color along with a shimmery lip balm.

I'm also wanting to invest in this little piece of heaven. From what I've heard, it transforms your skin... maybe a Christmas idea (hint hint) :)

what are your favorite "Pink" things??

head over to for more ideas!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hair History

One thing that I find very entertaining about looking through old photos, is hair. Laughing and making fun, and the "what was I thinking" that seems to come to mind is all part of the fun. So I thought I would walk you down my "hair history" and you can share in my giggles I have about some of these pictures!

For as long as I can remember, my mom always made sure my hair was "done." Most of the time that involved some sort of curlers, like the soft pinks ones you sleep in, hot rollers, curling irons, you name it, I've had it on my head. Then in elementary school, I had my "perm" phase, which I L.O.V.E.D. at the time, and thought I looked gooooooood.

I chopped it off in middle school, and then started on a path to which you can never return: coloring your hair. My mom let me get my hair highlighted in 8th grade, and I have never known what my natural color is since then.

and I have definitely had my bangs phase... quite a few times in my life

and my first experience with a Chi was a disaster! I looked like I had stuck my finger in an electric socket. (I can't seem to find that picture....)

I've gone really short....

and really long....

I even took the plunge and went dark a few times (which never turned out quite right)

but I always seem to come around to my bright blonde and this is what I've been sporting lately...

Do you have a funny hair history?? or is yours kind of boring like mine??

Friday, July 24, 2009

Plum Perfect

okay, the title is a shout out to Katie, who used to have to wear purple EVERY DAY at her job, but little did she know just how BIG purple is this fall! I know it's hard to think about wearing sweaters, coats, or even pants when it's 104 outside, but that doesn't mean that everyone's fall line isn't on its way to stores. Not only do I love the color purple for clothes, but I'm a BIG fan of it on eyes. So I'm going to give you a few of my favs.



like I said, I also love eyes done in purple and some of my favorite purple staples:

Friday, June 26, 2009

LC's darker side

thoughts?? I'm kind of digging it. And I've always been a fan of her dirty blonde hair...

Monday, June 22, 2009

from Guava to Jasmine

so awhile ago, I told you that one of my all time favorite lotions was Korres body butter in Guava (at the time, it was their only scent besides yogurt)

well during a recent trip to Sephora, I noticed that they now have many different scents of this fabulous lotion, and my NEW favorite scent is the Jasmine. Unlike the Guava, this scent is much lighter, but still gives the great, intense moisture that is a must right now when getting out of a day of sun.

SO, if you are in the market for a new lotion, this is my suggestion.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ha-llelujah for Bra-llelujah!

I know this maybe stepping outside the lines of "beauty and product ideas" but to me, it's a beauty issue, so why not.

So last night I went to Neimans to return a dress... (b/c the beautiful, red Marc Jacobs dress just wasn't necessary when I'm down to double digits in my bank account) On a high from doing my good deed and feeling good about myself, I decide that I can finally treat myself to a decent bra. I mean, get fitted, measured, etc... and come away with a bra that I never want to take off my body. Well, mission accomplished.

Let me back up even more. To start off, I am a HUGE Spanx fan. I've used them for years, and think they are a direct gift from God. So awhile ago, when I saw that Spanx came out with a bra, I knew it had to be good.

So last night, the Spanx bra, "Bra-llelujah" was the first bra I tried on, and ladies, I've never been so in love with a bra, and it's the bra I ended up buying. Even as I'm typing this, it feels like I'm not even wearing a bra. No pulling, tugging, nothing. It snaps in the front, making the back feel like I just have on a smooth, stretchy undershirt. There are no bumps, rolls, bra straps digging into my shoulders. It's amaaaazing. There is one downside, they only go up to a size D, which I know for some is N.O.T. an issue, but for some I know it is.

At $62 it's on the pricey side. But for me, who has problems finding well-fitting bras, it is worth the $$.

I found mine @ Neimans, but any place that carries Spanx should carry these bras as well.. It also comes in racerback for some variety.

Monday, May 18, 2009

a new way to brighten your day

I can't believe I haven't posted about this, considering it's one of my staples, but this morning I was reminding about what a little blessing this pot is. One thing about my face that I'm self-conscious of (besides my face shape in general) are dark circles under my eyes. There are so many products out there, but some take some time to put on, and can look cakey, which is a no-go for me. So quite awhile ago, I started using Bobbi's Eye Brightener, and have used it literally every day since. I'm hooked! It just takes a dab, and I just use my middle or ring finger, and dab it under my eyes and it makes a world of difference!!

speaking of staples, I think I will start a "best of" series which will includes all of my staples and must haves...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pedi Must

So yesterday I went to get a pedicure b/c my toes were absolutely terrible, and beyond repair. (but let's admit, it really doesn't take much to convince me to go get a mani/pedi) I love Spring/Summer because bright pink is my favorite, and lately my go-to color has been OPI "feelin hot hot hot" but the place I went didn't have it, so I picked an Essie nail polish, and I must say, I think it's my favorite pink that I have EVER used! It's called "Pansy" So the next time you go for a mani/pedi.. I HIGHLY suggest this color!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

moisture maven

One thing that I take pride in, is the fact that I have religiously worn moisturizer with SPF on my face everyday since I was 17. I started with a MAC moisturizer that I bought after getting my makeup done for homecoming, and have since tried almost every moisturizer out there. From Neutrogena to Chanel, I've definitely had my favs. but the brand I've been most loyal to would have to be Kiehls. I've been a huge fan of this cream for about a year now, but before that, I've just been using the lotion version, which is just not a moisturizing, but fabulous as well.
Lauren introduced this to me years ago, and it has always been fabulous, but when I was running out of my current supply, I had an itch to try something new.

Going along with my current goal of being a more thrifty shopper, I decided I would try to find a less-expensive moisturizer. Since Sephora has one of my favorite body lotions, I decided to try their face lotions, and I must say, I was impressed!! Not only is it just $20 for the lotion, I think it feels amaaazing. They have 3 versions for Dry, Normal, and Combo skin. and have moisturizing cream, and then moisturizing cream with SPF. I bought both, in Combo skin, one for night, and one for the morning... and I am loving both. I think it's a great value... and I might have found my new favorite moisturizer.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

scent of summer

I discovered this scent I believe my junior or senior year of high school, and I have remained a loyal fan ever since. Maybe the fact that this scent is the closest thing to the beach that I've had in quite awhile is the reason... but this scent is the essence of summer. It's Beach from Bobbi Brown... I'm sure you have all smelled it/used it at some point, but I thought I would just remind everyone of what a fabulous summer scent it is.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Minty Fresh

Fresh breath has always been a big thing to me. I remember when I was little I would make people check my breath before I went somewhere, scared to death that my breath would be less than minty fresh. Weird, I know. I love brushing my teeth, but hate that 10 minutes after, they feel dirty again, or at least the "clean" feeling is long gone. Well this past summer, my old roomie, Carla (who is in dental school, so I think she knows what she's talking about) introduced me to this toothpaste. Not only does it do the trick, it's the only toothpaste that I feel TOTALLY eliminates bad breath germs. It's pretty strong, and can take some getting used to. I use the whitening one. But when I tried switching back to another toothpaste, I could totally tell the difference, and went back to this asap. So thank you sweet Carla for being my go-to toothpaste guru :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

LC's new look

Like most of you, the highlight of my day yesterday was the return of "The Hills" and hours were spent watching the previous episodes and then the 2 (how great is that??!!) new episodes. Of course there were many memorable moments, like where Spencer went psycho and attacked Cameron in the bar (am I the only one who busted out laughing when this happened??) Heidi sneaking onto Lauren's party boat, and of course our boy Brody making a special appearance.. but besides Heidi's even blonder locks, one thing kind of took me by surprise. Lauren's dark red lips at her birthday party.

Besides from her being a little wasty-face, I just don't think this is her best look. Don't get me wrong, I am all about the red lips right now, but I just don't think this is the right shade for her.. is it just me?? Let me know what you think of Lauren's new look....

Monday, April 6, 2009

Teddy's Body Conditioner

Lauren introduced me to Ted Gibson (or as we like to call him, either Teddy or Theodore) awhile ago, and I have been a big fan of his shampoo/conditioner and esp his hair spray... but this is something of his that I've never seen before, and I'm thinking it is equally as fabulous... It's his body shampoo/conditioners... basically, his body wash, and in shower body moisturizer. I'm a huge fan of in shower moisturizers, esp in the morning, when I sometimes don't have time to lather on the lotion. So I found these at Sephora, but can only find then online, but, they are on sale! (always a plus) Thank you Teddy!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cherry Blossom

Now that it is officially April, it's normally time to retire all of your dark lips and nail colors, and move onto all of the beautiful, bright, Spring colors. Except this Spring is a little different. I've been reading, hearing and seeing a lot in the past couple of months about how red lips are becoming the new Spring color... and I thought that will be a trend I will NOT take part in.. but the more I've seen it, the more I love it. It's not the matte, dark red that most do for Winter, it's more of a shiny, juicy, glossy type that almost appear see-through. It's a very bright, cherry red that is surprisingly flattering. So on Saturday, while at the Domain's "Fashion Now" event, Lauren and I went early on the quest of finding the perfect "Spring Red" and I must say, we did a great job. After trying many, we ended up both getting this Chanel lip gloss...

The color we got was Cherry Blossom... and it is amazing. Lauren and I both received compliments on it, and Lindsey and Sarah both tried it on, and looked fabulous. My Spring/Summer look is going to be a great tan, mascara, and this lip gloss... what could be easier?! I seriously recommend EVERYONE try this.. and if you don't think it looks great on you, let me know, and we can find you YOUR Spring Red...

Friday, March 20, 2009

B&P beliefs

As girls, we all have our individual beliefs and ideas about what beauty is and what certain things can make us feel like we're unstoppable, and what things make us feel like not even getting out of bed. So I thought I would share with you MY personal beauty and product beliefs...
  • a little sun on your face can be the best makeup you could ever put on.
  • Crest whitestrips are a fabulous invention
  • changing your blush color with the season is a must, and I often blend them together during the "transition" time (like right now from Winter to Spring)
  • accepting beauty marks or spots boosts confidence and makes you even more beautiful. (I have one on the corner of my chin, and I always asked my mom to let me get it removed, and she said that one day I would appreciate it, she was right)
  • you should never look like a completely different person when your makeup is on vs. when you don't have any on. makeup is meant to enhance your features, not hide them
  • taking good care of your skin while you're young is one of the smartest things you can do. (SPF daily)
  • never go to bed without washing your face
  • indulging in a really expensive, unnecessary product (like bubble bath, a candle, lip gloss...) can be very rewarding, and help put you in a better mood
  • drink tons of water everyday... i don't think there is a magic number of how much you should drink, but it really is one of the best things you can do for your body
  • maximize your assets (big eyes, beautiful complexion, etc...) and don't worry about your flaws. Chances are you are the only one who notices them
  • have a lip gloss or lipstick that you use as your secret weapon, the one where you KNOW you look good with it on. :)
  • a good mani/pedi is enough to erase any bad day
  • just because something is in style at the moment, does NOT mean it something you should do. know which looks are flattering and which aren't.
  • put lotion on every night before you go to bed, not only does this make your sheets smell amazing, you will notice how well your skin responds to this
  • classic looks are always in style

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

calling all BB fans

Bobbi Brown is having a GREAT deal online right now... from now until March 19th, anything you order from their website is 25% off... so if you are out of some of your BB essentials, or have been wanting to try something new from their Platinum collection... either way, it's a pretty good deal! Just click on the link on the right side of my blog and it will take you there.... happy shopping!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

just when I was about to crack...

This past week, I've been considering breaking down and going to a tanning bed for a few times. You know, just to get that "first burn" over with and start working on my base tan. I had vowed to myself that I would never do this after I graduated college, but I couldn't handle it anymore... until I came upon this article, and instantly, my pale skin and I decided that I can wait a few more weeks and wait for the glorious, natural sunlight....

This article tells the story of a man who literally CAUGHT ON FIRE while in a tanning bed... no thank you... I love being tan, but not that much!

then I see this... SPF 100??!! who in the world would need that? What's the point of even being outside?? (I do understand that some people do burn very easily, and this product might actually be a saving grace to them, so I don't mean to poke fun... that's just some pretty intense suncreen!!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

hello sun, here I am!!

With it now officially being March, and Spring is literally just around the corner... it is time to start preparing for the months ahead... and that means getting ready for the sun! I have been slightly obsessed with the sun, beach and everything that comes with it for as long as i can remember... I blame my cousin/sister Lauren for this... b/c growing up, anything she did, I HAD to do, and this girl loves her sun!! :) but as we are all getting older, and have to be more proactive when it comes to skin care, I think we all need to read the following article and actually be safe when it comes to sun exposure... even though, I admit, I have totally been "that girl" with her bottle of tanning oil (or even baby oil, gasp! I know) who loves to get fried, but I don't know if my skin can take it anymore!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's time for me to buy new mascara.. which is an everyday staple for me. but I want to try something different. I know everyone has their own personal favorite mascara, so please let me know what yours is! I need your help!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BB update

okay, well Bobbi Brown finally has the new shimmer brick up on their website... so you don't have to go to NM to get it, it will be available anywhere where they sell BB. It's called the "Platinum Pink" Shimmer brick... once again, I will have to try this out before I give my seal of approval :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

my next purchase

So as I'm browsing around today... I stumble upon this from NM... I normally check for makeup updates from but for some reason I was looking at makeup on NM... and noticed they had a limited edition Shimmer Brick

Now this has some strange colors for your cheeks, but also some fabulous eye colors (at least that's my opinion... but I would have to try it first... who knows) and it appears that it could become my spring and summer staple.. but I will have to get back to you on that one. I need to wait until the first of the month when I get paid, but my first stop will be to NM to buy this!!!

there is also Bobbi's Exclusive Runway Kit... which looks fun as well. I might have to decide which one to get... but both are worth looking into!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

easing your nails into Spring

I think the article says it all... I have this nail color on my toes right now and I love it!!

too easy

I know that I get lazy when it comes to putting on makeup in the morning, and I think someone had that in mind when they created this...

but who the heck wants zebra eyes at 7:15 in the morning? I found these at Sephora, they are from a brand called ColorOn... and it's press on eyeshadow. The idea sounds fabulous... but 99% of the time I'm guessing they don't quite work as well as you would think. They have all different colors and packages, but they come out to $5 per application... which is pretty expensive... unless you use so much eyeshadow that it is part of your weekly purchases... I would guess that you are better off taking an extra 5 minutes and doing it yourself than to have zebra eyes for $5 a day. It's a fun idea though... if anyone out there has actually used these things before... please let me know! But at this point, it seems too easy (and a little weird) for me.

Monday, February 16, 2009

How Olivia stays tan

Continuing on my paleness streak... I stumbled upon this article about how the girls from The City stay tan... and hello, if Olivia uses it... then it's good enough for me! It's about a self-tanner that they use...

It's called Model Tan... and although I've never been big on self tanners... I think I might have to give this a try... or if you have used this... please let me know what you thought!

Here's the website

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

back from the dead

hello world. sorry I have been away so long. But 2009 has started off as a very busy year for me! But now that we are in the dead of winter, I'd thought I would share with you one of my secrets for dealing with the paleness. This is the first fall/winter that I have not put myself in a tanning bed. I know for most of you, you would think that I am acting like a 19 year old girl and who the heck cares if you are slightly more pale than normal. Well ladies, I'm not going to lie, I have been having some issues with my newly discovered paleness. For the first time in about 9 years, I do not have tan lines and I think I look like I am part of the Cullen family from Twilight.

But I am not the person that will throw a bunch of bronzer on and have my face 17 shades darker than the rest of my body. This looks muddy to me, and is one of my biggest irritations when it comes to makeup flaws. There is an easy way to give your face a "glow" that doesn't make you look fake or that you are actually trying to make yourself look tan. I'm just talking about helping you to not look dead. (like I do now when I don't have anything on my face)

This product I have been using for years, and my cousin Lauren has been an avid follower as well. It's Chanel and it's called Sheer Brilliance. I don't think it actually adds color, but it just warms your skin up. What I like to do is add a dot of this to my tinted moisturizer. A little bit goes A LONG way, and if you use too much, you are going to look oily. Which is also why I suggest using it under your powder for the most natural look.

Also remember, when your skin is lighter or darker than usual, you are probably going to need to change up your blush color as well... what looks good at the beach is not going to be the same color you wear in the dead of winter....