Friday, March 20, 2009

B&P beliefs

As girls, we all have our individual beliefs and ideas about what beauty is and what certain things can make us feel like we're unstoppable, and what things make us feel like not even getting out of bed. So I thought I would share with you MY personal beauty and product beliefs...
  • a little sun on your face can be the best makeup you could ever put on.
  • Crest whitestrips are a fabulous invention
  • changing your blush color with the season is a must, and I often blend them together during the "transition" time (like right now from Winter to Spring)
  • accepting beauty marks or spots boosts confidence and makes you even more beautiful. (I have one on the corner of my chin, and I always asked my mom to let me get it removed, and she said that one day I would appreciate it, she was right)
  • you should never look like a completely different person when your makeup is on vs. when you don't have any on. makeup is meant to enhance your features, not hide them
  • taking good care of your skin while you're young is one of the smartest things you can do. (SPF daily)
  • never go to bed without washing your face
  • indulging in a really expensive, unnecessary product (like bubble bath, a candle, lip gloss...) can be very rewarding, and help put you in a better mood
  • drink tons of water everyday... i don't think there is a magic number of how much you should drink, but it really is one of the best things you can do for your body
  • maximize your assets (big eyes, beautiful complexion, etc...) and don't worry about your flaws. Chances are you are the only one who notices them
  • have a lip gloss or lipstick that you use as your secret weapon, the one where you KNOW you look good with it on. :)
  • a good mani/pedi is enough to erase any bad day
  • just because something is in style at the moment, does NOT mean it something you should do. know which looks are flattering and which aren't.
  • put lotion on every night before you go to bed, not only does this make your sheets smell amazing, you will notice how well your skin responds to this
  • classic looks are always in style

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

calling all BB fans

Bobbi Brown is having a GREAT deal online right now... from now until March 19th, anything you order from their website is 25% off... so if you are out of some of your BB essentials, or have been wanting to try something new from their Platinum collection... either way, it's a pretty good deal! Just click on the link on the right side of my blog and it will take you there.... happy shopping!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

just when I was about to crack...

This past week, I've been considering breaking down and going to a tanning bed for a few times. You know, just to get that "first burn" over with and start working on my base tan. I had vowed to myself that I would never do this after I graduated college, but I couldn't handle it anymore... until I came upon this article, and instantly, my pale skin and I decided that I can wait a few more weeks and wait for the glorious, natural sunlight....

This article tells the story of a man who literally CAUGHT ON FIRE while in a tanning bed... no thank you... I love being tan, but not that much!

then I see this... SPF 100??!! who in the world would need that? What's the point of even being outside?? (I do understand that some people do burn very easily, and this product might actually be a saving grace to them, so I don't mean to poke fun... that's just some pretty intense suncreen!!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

hello sun, here I am!!

With it now officially being March, and Spring is literally just around the corner... it is time to start preparing for the months ahead... and that means getting ready for the sun! I have been slightly obsessed with the sun, beach and everything that comes with it for as long as i can remember... I blame my cousin/sister Lauren for this... b/c growing up, anything she did, I HAD to do, and this girl loves her sun!! :) but as we are all getting older, and have to be more proactive when it comes to skin care, I think we all need to read the following article and actually be safe when it comes to sun exposure... even though, I admit, I have totally been "that girl" with her bottle of tanning oil (or even baby oil, gasp! I know) who loves to get fried, but I don't know if my skin can take it anymore!!