Thursday, April 16, 2009

moisture maven

One thing that I take pride in, is the fact that I have religiously worn moisturizer with SPF on my face everyday since I was 17. I started with a MAC moisturizer that I bought after getting my makeup done for homecoming, and have since tried almost every moisturizer out there. From Neutrogena to Chanel, I've definitely had my favs. but the brand I've been most loyal to would have to be Kiehls. I've been a huge fan of this cream for about a year now, but before that, I've just been using the lotion version, which is just not a moisturizing, but fabulous as well.
Lauren introduced this to me years ago, and it has always been fabulous, but when I was running out of my current supply, I had an itch to try something new.

Going along with my current goal of being a more thrifty shopper, I decided I would try to find a less-expensive moisturizer. Since Sephora has one of my favorite body lotions, I decided to try their face lotions, and I must say, I was impressed!! Not only is it just $20 for the lotion, I think it feels amaaazing. They have 3 versions for Dry, Normal, and Combo skin. and have moisturizing cream, and then moisturizing cream with SPF. I bought both, in Combo skin, one for night, and one for the morning... and I am loving both. I think it's a great value... and I might have found my new favorite moisturizer.

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roxiebluemartin said...

i love this blog--------i am supporting it as though you made a cut off everything i bought------i shine in my cherry blossom lip gloss-------and still undecided about the toothpaste-------but more than anything i love you......happy thursday night------and what fun we had last night. always, roxanne