Thursday, August 19, 2010

Minty Lips

I went to lunch the other day with my sweet friend Carrie who recently went to San Fran and told me about a new cosmetics line/shop she found out there called LUSH Cosmetics Since she is so thoughtful and fabulous, she bought me her favorite product that she found. The new product that she introduced me to is a lip scrub called Mint Julips. It smells like a Junior Mint and you rub a little bit on your lips, rub your lips together and it actually tastes like a Junior Mint!! Plus -it actually softens your lips pretty well. I just hope I don't go through this whole jar in a week b/c it's kind of addicting! Now, they don't sell this stuff in Austin - but obviously you can order it online - and I would highly suggest that b/b you would be missing out.

Thank you so much Carrie for my San Fran souvenir!

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