Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today's Agenda

Will include this:

I have some hours I need to use before I begin my new job, so I'm taking off the afternoon and meeting my brother to layout at my grandma's pool. I normally use La Roche-Posay sunscreen for my face, but I have been out since the end of last summer and I've been meaning order this for quite some time but bought the Coppertone in a pinch (b/c I know it works well on my sensitive skin)

Happy summer! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday's Cheap Thrill

I'm still here!! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I promise I'll be better.

When I was trying to think of today's cheap thrill, I went to my makeup bag to get an idea. Well I quickly realized the ALL of the contents in that bag are pretty expensive. I do not really use any makeup products that I could classify as a "cheap thrill." I need to change this. I'll buy face wash, body products, etc from Target and HEB, and will even use less than expensive hair products every now and then, but I really do not wander down the makeup isle in Target and normally buy all my makeup from either Sephora or Nordstrom.

So that brings me to my question - what is YOUR favorite makeup item that you can deem "cheap?" Do you have a favorite $4 mascara that you think can stand up to DiorShow? Or a CoverGirl lip gloss that you can't live without? Fill me in on your cheap thrills when it comes to makeup!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

LC's Beauty Dept

It's probably no secret that I've loved Lauren Conrad since the first season of Laguna Beach, and have followed her life and career every step of the way. Today, she launched a new website, thebeautydepartment.com and it has tutorials, makeup ideas, hair ideas, and other several fabulous things. It's already on my list of favorites!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday's Cheap Thrill

Well hopefully most of you saw this post on C & P the other day, and I happened to see Lindsey the next day and noticed she was wearing the nail polish that Say was talking about. I will testify that it is absolutely fabulous. So last week I decided to stop by the Beauty Store after my Tuesday night dinner with Ali to buy the nail polish myself, and I ended up finding a tiny tot version.

Question: Have any of you ever used an entire bottle of nail polish? I have once, but it took me years. My point is that when I spotted tiny tot versions of Essie nail polish the other night for half the price of the full bottle, I was super excited! I knew I would never use an entire bottle of this nail polish, and probably won't even come close to finishing off this tiny bottle either. I bought two colors, Knockout Pout, and Demure Vixen. I painted my nails in Knockout Pout and have been loving it ever since.

(I told you I have play-doh hands)

So these mini-versions of nail polish are a definite "cheap thrill" at only $4. (and if you can paint your nails yourself, saves you even more)

I'm still trying to master the art of painting my own nails, but it's been quite a long journey. I kind of suck.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday's Cheap Thrill

Today's cheap thrill comes from Katie. The past couple of times I've seen her, I've asked to borrow her chapstick serveral times because I think it's so cool. It looks like an egg kind of, and when you twist off the top, it's a big ball of fabulous chapstick. If you know my friend Katie, you know that she would have a random, weird thing of chapstick, but she has me hooked on it!

The brand is eos and it's their lip balm - smooth sphere. But of course when I asked Katie for the name she responded with "it's called eos total new chapstick trend!" Katie loves setting trends.

And for around $3, it's worth every penny.

Here is the picture Katie sent me of her chapstick ball.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bachelorette Hair Part 2

To continue telling you about my weekend in Dallas...

Saturday morning was Carla's bridal shower at Mallory's house. So as we were busy setting out the food and pouring the mimosas, we see Carla, her mom, her sister and her niece pull up and get out of the car. Our jaws immediately drop. Carla's hair was UNBELIEVEABLE!! I mean, Carla has beautiful hair, but we have never seen her hair done like this. I (of course) make a bee line to her as soon as she walks in the door and ask her what she has done. Her answer: Dallas' new Drybar. A place that specializes in blow-outs. No cut, no color, just simply pay $35, and they wash and style your hair. She got it done at 10:00 that morning, and it lasted until 2am when we went to bed. She said they have different styles that you can request and didn't take long at all. We were all sold.

In fact yesterday Carla texted me saying I should open up my own Drybar in Austin.  So if anyone is in, let me know!! (I wish!) The next time I am in Dallas for a special event, I will definitely be making an appointment!

Here are a couple of pictures from Saturday morning...

and tonight took me a little longer to finish this post because SOMEONE wanted to help me type.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bachelorette Hair Part 1

This past weekend I headed up 35 to Dallas to celebrate Carla's upcoming wedding. I arrived on Friday afternoon to help Mallory set up for the bridal shower we were throwing Carla on Saturday morning, and then her bachelorette party was that Saturday night. Needless to say, I'm a little tired today, but I had a blast spending the weekend with some of my best friends!

Saturday afternoon, after cleaning up from the shower we had just thrown and as we were frantically getting ready to go to the hotel for Carla's lingerie shower, Melissa asked if she could borrow my curling iron after I was finished. So I left my curling iron plugged in the bathroom, and went to do my makeup. The next thing I hear is Melissa saying "Clod, why is your curling iron so much better than mine??!"

I don't know what it is about my T3 Curling Iron, but it is amazing. When I lived with Lauren, the majority of the time, I could find my curling iron in her room, and when I moved out, she had to bite the bullet and buy one herself because she loved it so much.

It makes curling my hair super easy, and my curls seem to last longer than they would with any other curling iron I've tried.

Here is a picture of Katie and myself from dinner on Saturday night - hours after I had curled my hair, and it's still holding up pretty well!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday's Cheap Thrill

My facial moisturizers are something I have always spent some money on. In my naive mind, I thought the more I spend, the better the product, right?? Well I am slowly learning this is not the case. When I ran out of my Bobbi Brown Face Base that I use as my night cream, I decided I would find a less expensive replacement.

The one I settled on was Aveeno's SMART ESSENTIALS Nighttime Moisture Infusion. I actually have been loving this! It has a citrus smell and does a pretty good job keeping my dry skin moisturized. Considering it is almost 1/4 the cost of the Bobbi Brown Face Base, it is a pretty good deal!

And happy birthday dad! Not that he will see this, or even knows what a blog is, but it's his big 5-5, so I thought it deserved a shout out.

Monday, February 28, 2011

it truly "Does It All"

I've tried for years. I have tried to find a cheaper version of this hairspray, but I just cannot find something that I love as much as Bumble & Bumble's Does It All Spray. It's magic in a bottle.

Growing up the only thing I liked about hair spray, was the way it reminded me of my grandma's bathroom. (She used Shaper Hairspray and to this day I love the smell because I picture myself sitting on the bathroom counter as my grandma was getting ready) But I never used hairspray myself because it made my hair feel gross and sticky.

In high school, I started using Bumble & Bumble's hair spray whenever I would curl my hair because it didn't feel sticky, held my curls, and smelled fabulous. Now I use it as a finishing spray almost everyday, and it's light enough to not weigh my hair down, but strong enough to do the job. Every other hair spray that I have tried, makes my hair feel "crunchy" and I like to be able mess with or change my hair during the day, and using regular hair spray wouldn't let me.

So if you have a hair spray that you love - please let me know! I'm always willing to try something new, it just has big shoes to fill in the department.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday's Cheap Thrill

Maybe I got this habit from my cousin Lauren, but I cannot go to bed without taking a bath. It's become a nightly ritual that some people make fun of, but I can't stand the feeling of going to bed dirty. I've spent quite a bit of money of bubble baths in the past, but with my new resolution to save money, I set out to find a less expensive one that I like. I like the Johnson's Baby BedTime Bath, but I found one that I like even better. My favorite scent is gardenia, (I get that from my grandma) and I found Bodycology's white gardenia shower gel & foaming bath at Target. I think it was $3.99 and it smells fabulous.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sonicare for your face

I have used a Sonicare toothbrush for about 6 years, and wouldn't dream about going back to a regular toothbrush. In fact, the couple times I've used a plain toothbrush I don't think it cleans as well. I have now become this way about cleaning my face. I talked about the Clarisonic Brush awhile ago, but only because of the pink color. That following Christmas, I received one and oh my goodness, it is amazing. Not to toot my own horn, but I receive compliments on my skin pretty often, and when they ask what I do, all I say is SPF everyday, and my Clarisonic Brush. I've had a handful of friends buy one since then, and all of them can say they see an improvement in their skin. This brush uses Sonicare technology and it takes about a minute to clean your whole face. I am naturally blessed in the fact that I've never had REALLY problematic skin, but I would have my regular breakouts. I cannot remember the last time I had a blemish on my face, and I attribute it all to this brush.
I know it's not a cheap investment at $195, but it is something you will use for years, and once you start using it, you won't want to go back.

Anyone else out there have one and love it too??
and something completely unrelated -  Mr. Charlie got a new haircut and is feeling quite dapper. (when I got him, he looked like he had been cut with a weed wacker, so he is a work in progress right now)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday's Cheap Thrill

Today, I"m going to let PW (the Pioneer Woman) tell you about a product that has been in my possession for quite some time. (and I'm not embarrassed about it)


Link to PW's blog post

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eyes on Kappa

I admit - I miss college. My brother has always told me I was an idiot for finishing in 4 years and not stretching it longer. I now agree with him. So any chance I get to pretend like I'm back at Baylor, I take.

This past weekend I went to Waco with Katie and Mallory, two of my old roomies from college for Kappa initiation. Mallory's little sister was getting initiated, so we went to surprise her sister. We arrived in Waco in time to go to a late dinner, and had the full intention of pretending like we were back in college and go out afterwards. However, that did not happen. After dinner, we were extremely tired, so we drove around Baylor and laughed at all of the old memories we remembered, then went back to the hotel since we could barely keep our eyes open.

We had been joking all night about how old we felt, and Mallory started to complain about her non-existent wrinkles around her eyes. So that led to the discussion about skincare and how we are now taking much better care of our skin since college. I then asked them whether or not they used an eye cream, and both said they don't, and haven't found one they like since their eyes tend to be sensitive. I introduced them to the only eye cream I have found that does not make my eyes burn, and genuinely makes my eyes feel moisturized. It's Clinique All About Eyes - Rich.

I'm normally not a huge Clinique fan, but I have tried so many eye creams, and this is the only I have found that works really well. I am on my 3rd bottle of this stuff, and haven't gone a day without it in over a year.

If you have sensitive eyes, this eye cream is really great. It lasts for a long time, and it's only $29, which isn't too bad for a decent eye cream.

I guess it's a clear sign that we are getting older when our conversations now consist of skincare and age prevention, but with these girls, every conversation is hysterical, no matter what the topic.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday's Cheap Thrill

Today's cheap thrill is my favorite hand soap. Kind of random, I know. Many of you know the Mrs. Meyer's brand of cleaning products, and probably have used their hand soap in either the lavender scent in your bathroom or lemon verbena scent in the kitchen. Well I have a different scent that I love. It's their honeysuckle hand soap. I love the smell of honeysuckle, and this soap smells really clean, and it doesn't dry out your hands. (which can be a problem in these winter months) It's only $3.99, and I found it at Target. (I have yet to see this scent anywhere else) I just hope they come out with other things in this scent soon!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ruthie Hart's Wedding

On Saturday I had the privilege of doing Ruthie Fanning's (now Hart) makeup for her big day. Ruthie is the younger sister of my dear friend Cori, who got married just a year and a half ago. I've known their family for years, and it was a blast getting to hang out with them all weekend!

Ruthie wanted dramatic, sexy eyes, and she was more than pleased! She is a BEAUTIFUL girl so it wasn't hard to make her look glamorous for her big day!

Here are a few pictures from getting ready, to the wedding itself.

Thanks Ruthie for letting me be apart of your special day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday's Cheap Thrill

It is no secret that I highlight my hair. I've been doing it since 8th grade, and have no plans to stop. BUT - this has wrecked havoc on my hair and continues to make it extremely dry. For years my hair dresser would tell me that I need to be using a deep conditioning treatment. The first one I got was Bumble & Bumble's DEEEP conditioner, and of course it was amazing. However, I went through it so quickly that I had a hard time justifying buying it again, so my hair went back to feeling like straw.

I finally was sick of my dry hair this summer (all of the direct sun from laying out was not helping my hair too much either) so I decided to do some research for a new deep conditioning treatment. And I am happy to report that I found a great one, AND it's at your grocery store. Loreal EverPure Moisture Deep Restorative Masque does the trick.

My hair dresser even told me that my hair is in better shape! I know my hair would be much healthier if I wouldn't basically put bleach on it every 8 weeks, but this at least helps to lessen the damage. :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

my little helper

This is what I see every morning when I'm getting ready for work

Meet Mr. Charlie. Because of him, it now takes me 3 times as long to get ready. He likes to be picked up and hugged frequently.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday's Cheap Thrill

I know that many of the things I talk about or recommend can be a little on the expensive side. But many things that I use on a daily basis are your average drugstore products. So on Thursdays, I will be letting you know some of my favorites.

When I first started this blog, I talked about dry shampoo and many mornings it saves me from having to wash my hair. Even though the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo is fabulous, I have found a MUCH cheaper version that honestly works just as well.

I bought Tresemme's dry shampoo a few months ago, and I honestly use it all the time. It turns out, I wasn't the only one loving it, some of my friends were already using it when I told them about it. So this might be old news to some of you, but to the others, this stuff is a must have, especially if you don't like washing your hair everyday.

Another perk is that it adds great volume to your hair!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jen's Allure

I picked up February's Allure last week because of just how stunning Jen Aniston looks on the cover. I then went online and saw her photo shoot she did for them, and I am loving her hair color, and the nude lips she is sporting. Her smoky eyes are equally as fabulous and I will probably be using this as my inspiration the next time I am playing around with my makeup. (which is quite often if you're wondering)

and having those fiercely blue eyes does not hurt either.

Jen's photo shoot pictures

Monday, January 24, 2011

Twirling into 2011

Santa delivered this little surprise in my stocking this year, and I must say, I am absolutely loving it! I have been loving my Jo Malone - Honeysuckle & Jasmine, but this scent is a welcome change and I have received several compliments since I started wearing it. I tried it on one day while out shopping with my mom, and I guess she kept catching me sniff my wrist over and over, and realized how much I liked it. 

My grandma wore the old Kate Spade perfume and I always thought it smelled so good, and I am a huge Kate Spade fan in the first place, so it makes sense that I would love this perfume.

Next time you are in the hunt for a new scent, try this one out and see what you think!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Black Pearl

I have always been a little self conscious about having dark nail polish on my fingernails. It might be the fact that a nail lady once told me that "hand too fat for color" when I asked her to paint them OPI's "Lincoln Park After Dark." I have been told many times that I have "play-doh" hands and my ring size is several sizes larger than most of my friends. BUT - this hasn't stopped me from loving Chanel's new "Black Pearl" nail polish.

I spotted this nail polish a couple of weeks ago when I was in Nordstrom, and then it started popping up in a couple of magazines, and I decided that I had to give it a try. It's unlike any other color I've tried. In some lights it's grey, some lights it is kind of green, and in others, it looks dark blue. I've had it on my nails for exactly a week, and I can't tell you how many compliments I have gotten.

When I showed Lauren last week at dinner, she immediately went and got it, and sent me this pic to show just how much she liked it. These pictures don't do a great job showing the color, so I suggest taking a look at it the next time you're near a Chanel counter.