Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eyes on Kappa

I admit - I miss college. My brother has always told me I was an idiot for finishing in 4 years and not stretching it longer. I now agree with him. So any chance I get to pretend like I'm back at Baylor, I take.

This past weekend I went to Waco with Katie and Mallory, two of my old roomies from college for Kappa initiation. Mallory's little sister was getting initiated, so we went to surprise her sister. We arrived in Waco in time to go to a late dinner, and had the full intention of pretending like we were back in college and go out afterwards. However, that did not happen. After dinner, we were extremely tired, so we drove around Baylor and laughed at all of the old memories we remembered, then went back to the hotel since we could barely keep our eyes open.

We had been joking all night about how old we felt, and Mallory started to complain about her non-existent wrinkles around her eyes. So that led to the discussion about skincare and how we are now taking much better care of our skin since college. I then asked them whether or not they used an eye cream, and both said they don't, and haven't found one they like since their eyes tend to be sensitive. I introduced them to the only eye cream I have found that does not make my eyes burn, and genuinely makes my eyes feel moisturized. It's Clinique All About Eyes - Rich.

I'm normally not a huge Clinique fan, but I have tried so many eye creams, and this is the only I have found that works really well. I am on my 3rd bottle of this stuff, and haven't gone a day without it in over a year.

If you have sensitive eyes, this eye cream is really great. It lasts for a long time, and it's only $29, which isn't too bad for a decent eye cream.

I guess it's a clear sign that we are getting older when our conversations now consist of skincare and age prevention, but with these girls, every conversation is hysterical, no matter what the topic.

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