Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bachelorette Hair Part 2

To continue telling you about my weekend in Dallas...

Saturday morning was Carla's bridal shower at Mallory's house. So as we were busy setting out the food and pouring the mimosas, we see Carla, her mom, her sister and her niece pull up and get out of the car. Our jaws immediately drop. Carla's hair was UNBELIEVEABLE!! I mean, Carla has beautiful hair, but we have never seen her hair done like this. I (of course) make a bee line to her as soon as she walks in the door and ask her what she has done. Her answer: Dallas' new Drybar. A place that specializes in blow-outs. No cut, no color, just simply pay $35, and they wash and style your hair. She got it done at 10:00 that morning, and it lasted until 2am when we went to bed. She said they have different styles that you can request and didn't take long at all. We were all sold.

In fact yesterday Carla texted me saying I should open up my own Drybar in Austin.  So if anyone is in, let me know!! (I wish!) The next time I am in Dallas for a special event, I will definitely be making an appointment!

Here are a couple of pictures from Saturday morning...

and tonight took me a little longer to finish this post because SOMEONE wanted to help me type.


Cori said...

Hmmm never heard of that!!! Sounds cool! Ps- I wanna learn to curl my hair like yours!

Kristen said...

totally going! thanks for the heads up, clod :) love that you're back in the game of blogging...i can use the help!

Anonymous said...

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Have a great week.

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