Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday's Cheap Thrill

Well hopefully most of you saw this post on C & P the other day, and I happened to see Lindsey the next day and noticed she was wearing the nail polish that Say was talking about. I will testify that it is absolutely fabulous. So last week I decided to stop by the Beauty Store after my Tuesday night dinner with Ali to buy the nail polish myself, and I ended up finding a tiny tot version.

Question: Have any of you ever used an entire bottle of nail polish? I have once, but it took me years. My point is that when I spotted tiny tot versions of Essie nail polish the other night for half the price of the full bottle, I was super excited! I knew I would never use an entire bottle of this nail polish, and probably won't even come close to finishing off this tiny bottle either. I bought two colors, Knockout Pout, and Demure Vixen. I painted my nails in Knockout Pout and have been loving it ever since.

(I told you I have play-doh hands)

So these mini-versions of nail polish are a definite "cheap thrill" at only $4. (and if you can paint your nails yourself, saves you even more)

I'm still trying to master the art of painting my own nails, but it's been quite a long journey. I kind of suck.

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